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    Host with datacenter in Los Angeles?

    I just signed up with Hostgator a month ago and am not happy at all, so I'm looking for a new host.

    Ideally I'd like it to be a host where the datacenter is located in Los Angeles or on the West Coast. site5 seems cool but sometimes pinging Jersey from here seems kinda slow. I know Hostgator's servers are in Dallas but they're fast enough for me from here in L.A.

    Not really interested in DreamHost.

    * Linux/Unix
    * Multiple domains under one account
    * At least 1gb of space
    * Up to $15-$20 per month
    * Ability to run Movable Type

    Any recommendations?


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    Hi, rightonbro

    Their are some good deals in the offers section, you should check them out .

    Good luck

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    Wow thanks for the fast response!

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    As stated already checkout the offers forum, of course don't forget to Search on any host you might be interested in to be sure you aren't possibly getting yourself into a can of worms.

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    You could also try if you don't mind 750mb, or paying $5 more for a reseller account to get 1gb space. I think their network connection is the best in LA, connected with Mzima, as I consistently get the best pings to the US through them from Australia. is in the same building as InsiderHosting so it's as equally as fast. Then there's which is also there. I think they have a few MT sites on there. is in San Jose so there's another one to consider.

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