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    Smile Question About Load Balancing And MySql


    I have a website that I host that takes up ALOT of server resources and bandwidth. Our current server can not handle the load that the site is placing on it. Here are our current server specs...

    Dual Xeon 3.0HT
    4 Gigs Ram
    73Gb x 2 SCSI Drives
    20Mbps Unmetered
    $425 Per Month

    Our current server experiences a very high load on Apache and MySql all day long. Since the server is pretty high specs already, we are looking to get into a load balanced solution to help minimize downtime.

    Question, if I want to load balance a site that uses MySql, do I need to do something special, or have a special setup, as I've heard that you can not load balance MySql, and it might need to be clustered or something.

    So what type of setup would you do if you had a high traffic website that gets about 900,000 page views per day, up to 400 concurrent Apache connections, pushes 5TB Bandwidth per month, and is heavy on MySql?

    Is there a way that we can stick to just 2 servers being load balanced with a hardware load balancer, or will we need 4 servers, 2 for Apache and content, and 2 MySql server clusters?

    Would like to stay under $2-$3K per month for this solution...


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    I think you could try to have 1 server for Apache and 1 for MySQL (just the same specifications you mentioned above). This configuration alone should improve your website's performance a lot!

    Then, when your website require more power, you can think of a load balancing solution.


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    It depends on a lot of factors.
    Like what type of scripts is the site running, how much is used by mysql
    and how much by the rest of the scripts alone.
    How many queries per second the mysql server gets.
    Is the mysql server fully optimized ?
    How big the databases are and do you have indexes on them.
    5TB a month its almost 20Mbps, so I guess theres a lot of content served.
    I would think your best option would be 1 mysql + 2 apache.
    It will allow you to grow given that everything is setup right.

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    For MySQL Load Balancing - have a look at
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    Isn't Radiantdata's PeerFS like $2k per server/node?

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