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    can anyone help me with 2checkout?

    hi, I have a website and IŽd like to sell digital products, downloadable (music) I will use 2checkout but I don't know about scripts

    what 2checkout says:

    The way that e-downloads works is like this:
    1) Seller has product information in our database.
    2) Seller puts HTML code on his web site.

    how do I do this:

    3) Seller sets up a page on his server where the customer is passed back to after payment to receive product link and password
    4) Seller puts product on his server and password protects it
    5) Buyer comes to the site and clicks the BUY link.
    6) Buyer is sent to the payment form and inputs credit card information.
    7) Buyer is sent to return page on sellers site and gets the link and logon info for the product. Address is masked by our address in the browser.

    how do I do ? does anyone have any script ? thanks

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    2co script

    if you want to make this automated you really need a programmer to create and install a script for you. There isn't a generic script for digital products. Something has to tell the script what has been purchased. The script then needs to send the customer an email with the download link and password. The buyer then clicks the links and enters the password and can then download the digital goods. The folder containing the digital products shold be protected by htaccess and you should change the password every couple of days.

    You should also consider the dangers of automating the sale of digital goods. People who make fraudulent transactions love digital goods because they can grab them and you cannot trace the buyer. So you should consider reviewing each order manually. If you accept the order you can send the buyer the link yourself so there is no need for a script. But do make it clear on your website that "buyers will receive download instructions after we have verified the credit card transaction" or something similar. This will not deter genuine buyer but will discourage fraudsters because they don't want to waste their time.

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