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    Domain/Hosting question

    Hey guys, I just purchased a hosting package with a company, but I have not received the account activation email yet (they say this can take up to 24 hours).

    My question is, I have my domain name with another company ( and want to make it point to my new host. Is there any way I can start the procedure now while Im still waiting for my new hosting account to start, so I dont end up waiting twice as long? I know it usually takes 24-48 hours to point a domain to a new site, correct?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Only takes a few minutes once you make the nameserver changes for your domain.

    Just log into your doteasy account and change the nameserver info to your new hosting company and it will be live generally within minutes or sometimes longer but it doesn't take 1-2 days the way it used to.

    You can point the domain names to anything you want and can do it now.
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    You can change your name servers right now so that the DNS begin propogating.

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    Unfortunately the host must send you the nameservers first.

    While it may be possible to find this information by other means, I don't really see the benefit.

    1. If the domain is new, chances are that the propagation will take very little time.

    2. If the domain is not new, pointing the site to the new host prior to having the account created will basically translate into (a partial) downtime.

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    Hmmm, the new host has their nameservers listed on the site, but there are 14 of them. How do I know which ones to use, or does it matter?

    Thanks guys.

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    Use the two with the biggest numbers, those are most likely to work.

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    Ignore Lev, worst idea ever.


    Contact your new host first to find out which server you'll be on and which nameservers to use, otherwise you'll waste your time changing nameservers multiple times.
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    Indeed, never guess nameservers or you will end up with that 48-72 hours of downtime of the old days. If you nameservers are already pointed somewhere it will take some time for those who have visited you already to see the changes.

    Contact the host and ask them. Explain to them that you've signed up but want to go ahead and make the NS changes so you can get started more quickly. They should be able to tell you which server you'll be on but there is the chance that they may not be able to depending on how their ordering system works (they may not have the server you'll be on yet down) but then again they might. It's worth a try.

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    I had similar experience (slow activation of account), so I opened a ticket with the support. They are normally fast to respond to simple questions like which name servers that you are supposed to point to.
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    Open an support ticket and ask the nameservers you will get.
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    I totally agree with PowerDot, the best thing is to open a support ticket or contact them in some way to ask the nameservers for your account.
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  12. Yes, maybe at the time of signup you had some username password... loginto your account maybe they already have namesevers listed for you there, if not I would call them and ask for it.

    Please be advised that once you change the namesevers it could take upto 24-48 hours to propogate through the internet. Depends a lot on your own ISP DNS cache, sometimes they take forever to update! But that should be the turn around time... could be less as well! depending how close were you to the actual DNS update when you made the nameservers changes Hope this helps
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