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    Well, a few months ago i purchased an unlimited account on ebay from siterollout, and to say i was sceptical is an understatement. My friend had a bad experience with one (HostCheckOut) - they seemed to be ok but after a month started "changing his server" and eventually suspended his account for having a large mysql load.

    So i get my account and all appears good, now 3 or 4 months down the line it is still amazing. Support is very fast and always polite.

    Obviously, nothing is unlimited but im sure once you get to the point you're using too many resourses, you'll probably want a dedicated server anyway.

    So if you want to start a reseller business then i reccomend this as a decent starting point. Uptime for me has almost always been 100% it only slipped slightly below that one month due to a kernal update.

    Thanks for reading,
    Joe Clifton.

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    Thanks for writing the review Joe, make sure you keep us updated every few months. Good luck.
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    Thanks, i like the look of this forum, ive lurked but never posted.. so today i thought i'd change that. .

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    I've been using Siterollout for over a year, in fact it must be nearer 2 years.
    Now I did have a huge disaster with them and my site was down for a week.
    However they have made up for it, plus at the time of the disaster they did everything they could to help me out, plus they kept me informed.
    There support is pretty fast too, and mostly pretty helpful (I have disagreed with there answers a couple of times)

    All in all siterollout are pretty good.

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    I have just started to use them on a reseller account.

    They seems good...

    Is it a big company, don't seem to know much about them...


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    Im not sure how big they are to be honest, I think they must have quite alot of custom looking at their ebay feedback. Sorry i couldn't answer your question any better. Joe.

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    The support is very quick. Very pleased with them myself..!

    They tend to do most advertising via eBay which did originally put me off.. but thought I'd give them a go... very pleased I did.


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    Yep I find the support to be very quick and reliable too. I believe the owner is a poster on the forum here under the alias "Sulihac" or something along those lines. Maybe give him a search, his reputation seems very good and he seems to offer some very reliable and cheap services.

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