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    i wanted to know if i, ioncubed my files, how much would it cost? and would i need to give any extra files with my software?.

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    1) It is free
    2) Yes, Ioncube does require its decoder ring file.
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    The ionCube encoder isn't free, but the loaders to run encoded scripts are.

    You can either purchase the ionCube encoder software (starts at $199) or use the online ionCube encoder which starts at $0.50, but you need to deposit a minimum of $5 first.

    The ionCube website explains this much better,, and you can run a free test encoding to find out how much the online encoder would cost for your script(s).

    To run ionCube encoded files, your users would need to have the ionCube loaders either installed on the server or upload them with your script. Most software companies choose to include the loaders with their script to save users any extra work.

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    the web php software im making will be on source forge as a free open source software for now but when its big i wanna make it charged, i want to do this without them seeing how the script works and checks if they are illegaly breaking the licence, so would u reccommend ioncube for a licence paid software that, wuld be quite popular

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    also, does the user have to move the ioncube file i send them somewhere or will any directory where the script is work.

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    IonCube is awesome.

    It is NOT free. The loaders are free. Loaders are what the USERS of your 'Ioncubed' files will need, and hence are free.

    I suggest you get the Best package, the one that allows licensing using the MAC Address as well as the IP Address and time outs.

    There are 2 ways you include the 'loaders' with your encrypted ioncube php files.

    Method #1 - Copy the /usr/lib/ioncube_loader_lin_<version>.so file to a similar location. Edit the php.ini file to include the following Line:

    zend_extension = /usr/lib/ioncube_loader_lin_<version>.so

    Now when you run: php -m you will see:
    [Zend Modules]
    the ionCube PHP Loader

    However, this may be impossible for those on a shared server like a FREE hosting company.

    Method #2 - You place the ioncube_loader_lin_<version>.so file in a SUBdirectory relative to the location of your PHP files. Now all you have to do is include the .so file with your PHP scripts... when you ENCODE the php you give it commands as to what the SUBdirectory is called.. etc

    IONCUBE is the best out there. It beats all others like Source Guardian.
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    >$199 or simply use the online encoder for as low as $0.5 - Professional Web Hosting Provider since 2002 - Automation Solution for cPanel Hosting! + Illegal File Scanner - Your complete Web Hosting Directory with Hosting/Server Tutorials

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    do i include it as in:
    or something else.

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    also how do i check what my host is using systemwise linux/windows/other? also how do i check what version number it is?

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    The code that is prepended to the encoded file will automatically search for the correct loader. If the server supports run time loading, then you can bundle the free loaders with your product and have them dynamically loaded when needed. Otherwise, the user will be shown an error telling them what loader they need.

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