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    Selling! Pr4 - Great Site, Must Go!

    Domain & Search Engine Details
    The front page '' is PR4 while all the other pages is PR3 - This site can earn A LOT of money through advertisers - the site is powered by php includes to easily allow you to change 'advertisers' - but i simply doesn't have the time.

    It also got a few search phrases on google that its very highly ranked on.. for example:
    'E-Zine for webdevelopers'
    'I want to writte'

    Stats Details
    2000 Hits a day - which can be heighten easily, just by adding a few more articles etc very easily.

    Total stats:

    KBytes: 1046781
    Visits: 2519
    Pages: 7878
    Files: 58844
    Hits: 105525

    Revenue Details
    Have generated 10$ from one advertiser and a taken off bidvertiser account month.

    Backend is powered by cutenews, a mailing script and a few other parts - cutenews easily allows you to add more writers etc, but can easily be changed to another system.

    I'm looking for +250$ for this great site with a rather great PR and search phrases.

    Reason for selling
    Well, this is really kind of sad, i don't have time for this thing anymore - i tried to make it work but it just doesn't thats why i sell it .. relatively cheap.

    The site is hosted with advanced plan on for 10$ a month.

    Other information
    Please bid here or send me a mail or pm with your offer.

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    How many uniques a day/week?
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    Here is a screenshot of the full statistics:

    Highest Bid: 200$
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