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    Biz Name For Sole Proprietor

    I am starting out as a reseller, out of home, in the state of Indiana. According to their website, a sole proprietorship does not need to register a business name. Does this sound correct, or have could I have missed something?

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    As a sole proprietor you don't need to do anything if you're operating under your own name. So if you're going to operate as "Joe Smith Webhosting" (that is, if your name were Joe Smith) there's nothing you have to do to register that name. But if you're operating under a different business name ("SmitHost," for example), you have to register it as a fictitious name or "dba."

    Usually you do that through your local county clerk's office, so contact them (by phone, or some counties of course have websites) for information on filing a fictitious name certificate.
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    Yeah, that is what I did for Biz Hosting Network. I believe and this depends on the state as long as your last name is within the name of the business you do not have to register a DBA. The county clerks office will be more then happy to help you though.
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