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    Happy with EV1 Refund

    In regards to:

    I wanted to briefly reply on the situation in the thread posted above. To quickly say that I was pleased with Mario after we did get a good line of communication set up. There was a brief problem of my credit card being being charged a second time but working with Mario and Mariam, we did get both refunds submitted.

    So after an ordeal, Mario did do a good job fixing everything and in that I was pleased. I wanted to update the situation, as I got a bunch of Private Messages some trying to help, and others just being rude and ignorant. So a quick reply, to just say the situation was solved and thanks again Mario with EV1.

    P.S I requested the first thread to be closed, so I just wanted to quickly comment on the situation. / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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    Glad everything worked out to your satisfaction.
    James Lumby

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