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    Post Ontario power drops voltage to conserve power

    Well guys,

    I'm not too sure how many people have been following this, but in an effort to conserve power, (Ontario's generating capacity is currently down roughly 4,000 megawatts, due to various plants being off the grid), the provincial electricity system operator has opted to drop the output voltage provided to the grid, in order to conserve electricity.

    Essentially, lights are shining a little bit dimmer, but the implications of this are a tad larger. While most places wont notice a signifigant impact (yet), locations with lowered voltage by nature (distance from electrical distribution infrastructure, bad lines, etc.) are noticing brownout conditions. Those with AVR driven UPS's may soon find themselves switching to battery mode, after detecting brown-out conditions, and/or be drawing from the battery to compensate for the voltage sag.

    Presently at 151 Front, while everything I've run across is still running smoothly, people are reporting 550V (of 600V) being received from the commercial lines, meaning the UPS's are receiving roughly 10% less voltage then they should, and are thus drawing additional amps from the grid in order to compensate for the conditions.

    Anyone in Ontario feeling the heat from this (devices with motors in them not starting/running, A/C units faltering, etc.)? If anyone has PC's directly plugged into the wall, are your PSU's running hot? .

    I wonder how much of our conservation plan includes "people will blow more breakers as they now need to draw more amps out of their circuits". I can just imagine how many home AC units must have tripped breakers, as suddenly they needed to draw an additional 10-15% power (in amps) off the circuits to compensate for the sag.


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    I haven't noticed any issues with anything up our way (Parry Sound, Ontario). With that said we only have a few computers and A/C running from wall outlets. Could be slightly dimmer..... hard to say. Being that the temperature is bearable today hopefully it will help out a bit and people will turn off the A/C's.
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    Haven't noticed any issues myself here downtown, luckily.
    Very interesting read though.
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