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    * Will using another IP help on a busy server?

    Newbie at WHM. So don't fry me if this is already answered.

    We have a 10mbit server that stays quite busy (Streaming).

    If we want to run a website on this same server, is it better to use another IP?

    My question is, is there a performance increase if we use multiple IPs on busy server than using the same IP for everything?

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    If you are having load issues you would need to upgrade the hardware on the server / tweak your configuration.
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    Any requests go over the same network line to the same hardware. Only difference is the address used to make the request.

    The only way I can think of another IP helping is if the server load is fine, but your uplink is being used up. Then if you had another IP on a different uplink it'd be fine.

    So figure out if the issue is bandwidth or hardware related. Then make the appropriate upgrade.

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    I think that would only help if he had two phsycial interfaces to the network, as in two seperate ethernet adapters.

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    An IP address would just create another address at which your server could be reaches, but its still going to the same place. As mentioned above, a seprate NIC for the IP may help slightly.

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    Yes, the uplink is heavily used on this server's primary IP (Streaming audio). Thanks for your suggestion.

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    Add another ethernet card, another uplink. That should improve your streaming performance if you often max out your primary card.

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    Assuming network bandwidth is your bottleneck, you could (1) upgrade to 100 mbps port, (2) confine audio streaming to one IP that is throttled down to 20 mbps, (3) setup web servers on another IP.

    What's the average load on your server?

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