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    Hello, I signed up for a VPS at HostingPlex and I am very pleased with it! They just moved my VPS to a new IBM server, and it has 8 processors in it, and it's SO FAST, I run Counterstrike Game servers, and I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with the performance! When I run "top" it has 8 processors!!! The speed is unbelievable, I even got 110 on unixbench on this VPS!Plus, they never charge for overage on bandwidth!! This has to be one of the best VPS's i have ever been on, it's absolutly amazing. It's like nothing i've ever seen and when ever I have a problem the support contacts me in less than 10-15 minutes usually. I just say how pleased I am with them. I may be repeating myself a little bit but meh, it's worth it to tell other people about their service and how good it is. Hopefully with the more clients they get, the service will just get better and better.

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    It is actually quad xeon MP 2mb cache with Hyperthreading

    I appreciate the feedback, we work to improve our vps service every day and have been learning a lot along the way, we are rather new to this market in terms of using the virtuozzo platform.

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    Its Good to hear positive feedback about a host
    Good luck with HP in the future.

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    Sting13, where are you located? Ive heard Hp is in canada...ive also heard of it being kinda slow if you far away. Im in Michigan though so it wouldt be any farther than like having a host down south or something.

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    Hey Sting,

    You know its wonderful to hear that you've found your perfect host. Its quite rare and very good to hear!

    I wish other people also spoke more positive stuff about their hosts. I dunno, but I feel that the ones who have a tiny problem with their hosts, blow it up and the ones who are satisfied stay in the background. Speak up people, your hosts work very hard to serve you what they do!

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