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    [FOR SALE] Advertising on - $5

    As a special for the official opening of I am selling advertising on the site for only $5 per ad for the first month.

    The site is getting average 200+ uniques a day. I suspect these stats should go up as the site was just put up again recently and just tonight got its own design up. The visitors come mostly from cheatcodesclub and search engines as well as some from direct type-ins.

    The stats can be seen below:

    The ad spots available are the ones that can be seen on the site and the prices are as follows:
    Top 468x60 - $5
    Bottom 468x60 - $4
    160x600 Wide Skyscraper - $5

    There will be a maximum of 4 ads rotating at each spot.

    If you are interested PM me and post here to let me know. Another way of contact can be through AIM (sn - SockaPlayR).

    Payment is via Paypal
    Buyer pays PP Fees

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    Wrong board, should be posted in the new Advertising area.

    - Tomer
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    This is cancelled for now. The visits are now up to around 400 uniques a day so I will rather wait around a month and see how many uniques the site is getting then.

    PS - I will however consider offers for the ad spots(higher than $5 obviously).

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