Hi there,

I been looking/searching for way to find out how to figure out what the maximum capacity of traffic is in 1 Mbts line <<---->> 1 Mbts line and 2 Mbts line <<--->>2 Mbts line

So how many users can connect (simulatanously) to a server - before the line gets overflooded?

Is there a way to calculate this or is there a standard model/Scale/statistics for the maximum traffic is on differnt bandwiths.

The reson im asking is because this would be great help in calulating what need you have, from the number of users you have.

I could get up to 100 Mbts (which is very expensive) if we need to, but why pay for it if you do not have the heeds for it?

Well you would apricate this a lot i someone has a answer on how to caculate this.