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    My Rackcheck experience

    I'm so tired of waiting for a new server that had to tell you about my experience with Rackcheck. 6. august I've waited for 2 months for this server:
    Dual Xeon 2,8
    2GB RAM
    4x250GB SATA

    The server has been prepaid for 3 months. I was promised a 5 buisness day setup.

    When I contact them I get some kind of excuse of why it's not ready for use. Every week we contact them 3-4 times. After a while they claimed they had problems with the HDD's being SATA so after about 1 month+ of waiting we agreed to change specs to IDE and thought we would get the server in a matter of days. That did never happen. We are still waiting. We've heard many different excuses such as they are waiting for a controller etc.

    The last excuse is that the datacenter is full and that they were waiting for racks. I asked them why they sell servers through their website then. Then I got the answer that they tell the new clients that they have to wait because of this. This might be true, I don't know. Maybe anyone else knows? Anyways they should manage to setup a server in 2 months time.

    I really hope nobody else have to experience something like this.

    For the record I already have a server with them with almost the same specs (the difference is SCSI HDD's). After it was setup I have had no problems and it has been about 3 months now.

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    How did you pay for this? If this was done under a merchant account, a merchant can only authorize your credit card, and not actually charge the payment until the time the product is delivered or shipped.

    Turn them in to their merchant bank, they will get dropped faster than a hot potato.
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    No, 2 months. And yes, looking for another provider as we speak. The reason for why I have not gone to another provider is that we have been pleased with the one we have and will continue to have.

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    Paid by PayPal. I don't think I will have a problem getting a refund but who knows :-)

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    PayPal will only process dispute for transaction that's within 45 days from the payment date.

    Good luck

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    Paypal will also only process rule in your favor if they actually shipped something otherwise it is paypal policy no refund.

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    That's messed up. Switch hosts and do a chargeback.

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    Ive also had problems with rackcheck in the past with delayed servers, there customer service is far from professional.
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