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    Seeking reliable VPS for Hosinting ShopSite

    A very short intro: I am a artist / web designer / librarian / writer. Hello to all, this is my first post


    I am seeking suggestions for a reliable managed VPS that offers at least 2gb of space for under $100 a month. The VPS host must have support for ShopSite. I am currently looking at PowerVPS as a host and am intrigued by their generous space, low price and 24-7 support, but they have no ecommerce support.

    I was contaced by Verio, but they want $109 a month which will put me beyond my budget for my current project.

    The goal is to save money on hosting so that money can be used to pay for ShopSite customization. Verio want's roughly $150 an hour for customization.

    Thanks all.

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    Welcome to WHT. You may get better response by having a mod move this into the VPS forum. Then if you have ecommerce questions, post back in this forum. Good luck on your search.

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    Most if not all VPS will support Shopsite due to it uses CGI which is pretty much standard.

    I still think the first post on VPS forums was correct.

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    Thank you for the welcome. I debated putting it back in the VPS forum, I didn't want to get in hot water for double posting. I also saw there was not a lot of activity in the VPS section, but it is probably better suited there.

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