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    Arrow Please review - Paid phpBB modification

    Can you please review my phpBB modifcation site? It has been up 3 days and i have working hard on it. Can you please tell me how to improve it?

    I really need some opinions and what i need to do to improve it. Do not mention content on the main pages or the internal server on the button at the bottom of the forum, i know that is there and i dunno what is wrong.


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    It seems very bland. It needs color, but maybe they asked for a template without color you never said. I don't like sites that are just black and white. I like the menu on the site it looks well done, but when I go over some of the items the Register and Login links disapear.


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    Looks good but try to resize the browser horizontally and see what happens, i'm sure you can fix it.

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