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    Angry Allmanaged - Has anyone problems with them?

    I recently (a week ago) bought a virtual server from them. All was ok until I paid them... Well... i can log in to the account admin trough some strange url but i can not add a domain to the server. They gave me some name server but noone is working at all. I can ping them but i can't setup them in my godaddy and dircet nic acount. Now I have a problem cause they are sending me to godaddy and godaddy is sending me to allmanaged. That is just ridiculous! Wtf should I do? ( i tried to setup some other dns for the domain and everything worked just fine so this is not a godaddy fault, i tried to register a new domain with some other registrant but i entered all managed name servers before paying for domain and again error (these name servers doesnt egsist)

    Now the funny part i got a friend who used to have the same problems and they correced his account after 30 days of yelling at them.

    The reason i am writting here is that they screwed me up. They still telling me that this is not their fault and they dont seem doing anything to correct this mistake... and I am pissed of cause i paied them money a week ago and noting is working at all..
    Should I chargeback them or what? anyone has problems with their virtual hosting nameservers?

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    nobody knows ??

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    Your description makes it a little hard to understand exactly the problem you are having. If they gave you name server IPs and you registered them at GoDaddy then all should work. If you did not properly assign your IPs to your name servers there will be problems, but from your post I'm not sure exactly what your situation is. Try to clarify some.
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    Thats the problem... I got nameservers form them but it seems that these nameservers arent registered at all if you know what i mean

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    That's the problem. We don't know what you mean.

    Do you mean they gave you IPs to use as name servers?

    Or, do you mean they gave you to use as name servers?
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    When Allmanaged creat my own account, They gave me DNS adress and After I bought domain in godaddy and when I try change dns I see allways this same error this dns aren't registered. I try bought other domian in directNIC but I saw this error again. Other DNS are working but not and !!

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    so I think I will chargeback them they realy bad Allmanaged is bad

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    allmanaged is owned by sago networks. Try contacting them
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    so I think I will chargeback them
    I would recommend you try to get a refund from them first. A chargeback should always be a last resort solution.

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    I do apologize for any confusion in this matter, though our nameservers are certainly registered and working, godaddy is having an issue with having some people add them as the appropriate nameservers. This is the only domain hosted at Godaddy, simply because I did it under my personal account, when I came across it, and was preparing to setup AllManaged to begin with. It's being transferred from them now, into our normal registrar, so that any problems can be taken care of. All of our sales staff have been out of town these past few days, and unable to really be as active as we normally are with forums and such. I do apologize for this matter, and would appreciate if you can contact me directly so that we can see what we can work out with you for any inconvenience that this has caused.


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    Hope you get everything worked out with sagomatt.

    Best of luck

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    As I have written in here these nameservers ( and dont work with direct nic either, so this is not a godaddy issue. What is more, my friend uused to have exactly the same problem and after a month of begging you he had his problem fixed... All I want is working virtual server noting more nothing less...

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