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    740 down for anyone else?


    Their website seems to be up, but my server with them has been down for a while. I can't get through to their support.

    Very bad timing for my server to be down

    Does anyone have a contact number for them?


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    [edit]You may want to try contacting them at: +65.97994242 (seems the owner of the domain is from singapore).

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    Hi Steve,

    You did manage to lodge a ticket and our tech staff did advice you that the reason for your issue was a DDOS in your segment.

    At 10:14AM EST, we notice that your server was down and promptly investigated as we proactively monitor all servers with us. We fix issues most times even before clients notice.

    At 10:22AM EST, you lodge a support ticket regarding your server being down.

    At 10:35AM EST, our tech replied that your server IP segment has received a DDOS and it is currently being blocked. The DDOS was nullified around 11AM EST. As it was an issue isolated to your IP segment, most other servers are unaffected.

    We have been in total communication with you throughout, and had in fact proactively investigated the issue even before you contacted us, thus shortening the potential downtime you face.

    We do apologise for any inconvenience you had faced as a result. If you do have issues, do feel free to lodge a support ticket with us as our 24/7 techs are around just to help you.

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    Hi Sprintserve,

    Well, I tried contacting you via MSN for about 2 hours but there was no response. You did reply to one of my support tickets within 20 minutes (I sent two though - the first one about an hour or so before the second one.)

    It's no big deal. It was just extremely bad timing for my server to be down (had an important customer standing beside me - very embarrassing!!)

    But it's fine. These things happen, and I have no issues with your support.

    My post here was out of desperation

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