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    What simple & cheap technique should be used to protect visitors' privacy ? SSH ?

    I want to protect visitors' privacy when they submit personal information to my site. Now I have no server yet. I am considering what technique to use to protect their privacy.

    Some web hosting companies provide SSH access. I searched SSH on the net. I still not clear about what it is.What is it ? Is it easy to use? How to use it?

    I heard of SSL more than SSH. What is the different between them?
    Do I really need them? Which is more suitable for my need?

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    SSL of course. You can't give ssh access to anonymous visitor. It's very bad idea which look as you go out your computer with confidential information on hard disk to street and give access to to anyone who walk around. Strongly not recommended

    You just will need install digital certificate (SSL certificate) and may be crypt all user data which will posted by forms on your site.
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