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    PowerEdge 1850: Second NIC problem...

    I have a problem with PowerEdge 1850 Dell. Second NIC can be seen in CentOS3.4: I can ping and ssh when I inside of my server, but from outside can not get any connection. Connection LED is green, but activity LED is not flashing and not lighting. Cables and network are OK, since all works for first NIC.
    ifconfig command shows all ok for both NICs, during start up there no error messages, but no connection. IPs are in the range and differs by last number only: and

    Linux does not complain and from OS point of view it sees all...
    Have you folk any idea?


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    Possible you have a firewall that is configured to allow access to only the first ip?

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    That's great idea!!!!

    I have Plesk installed and it has own inbuilt firewall. Completelly forgot :-(

    That can be a reason. I disbaled Linux firewall during my system installation, going to use Plesk's firewall and forgot about it next minute!

    Thanks for tip, I will inform you when I look at it today evening

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