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Thread: Lost MBR

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    Question Lost MBR

    Not a web server, but I would like any help form you guys

    I currently have a SATA drive, which contains C:/ and D:/
    And, an IDE drive that contains E:/

    I was trying to install a seperate copy of windows on some free space on the IDE drive, after E:/
    The install failed, because it could not write to the MBR.
    When I restarted, Norton GoBack said the MBR had changed and the drive would be unavailable untill I fixed it.
    It is not listed when I login to windows, but it is still listed under the Disk Manager (right click my computer -> manage) And it still has it's label and the correct size, but it is not available in windows explorer

    Partition Magic lists the drive as "Type 44"

    How can I fix this?

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    Have you tried booting the system in Safe Mode Command Prompt using Windows setup CD and Recovery Console, and when it gives you the prompt typing 'fixmbr'?

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