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    Looking for ASP-MSql hosting

    Hi, Im looking for a cheap hosting with IIS, ASP, and Msql to host my webpage.

    Please help!

    Best regards!!

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    Please can yu give more details on your spec.

    what buget is cheap, and what respources etc are you requiring?
    you may concider the host quote feature found at th etop under 'find a host'
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    Have you looked at the offer section of this website? I would recommend starting there then searching there. After finding a couple of offers that sound good search the forums for reports of the hosting company

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    Take a look at JodoHost or VortechHosting for that.

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    Take a look at I think they offer the best value in ASP/SQL hosting.

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    I would suggest you to do a Search before you post.

    However, here is one link to the similar topic.

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    Before signing up, ask your new web host; the number of users at their MS SQL server and the version of MS SQL. Good luck.
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    Nono Martínez,

    Any specific amount of resources in mind - and like a few others have said: What type of budget are you looking to meet?

    Prior to signing up with just any host: Remember to search for them here and read every review about them!

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    I agree, you should conduct thorough research when choosing a host. One of my criteria when selecting a host is to use hosts that have won recent awards, particularly from neutral third parties such as magazines.

    Another criteria I have is when I wish to use Windows hosting, I look for hosts that offer only Windows hosting. Usually Windows only hosts are much more knowledgable about Microsoft technology than hosts that offer both linux and Windows. That's just my experience.

    Finally, when selecting a host that offers MS SQL, its best to ask the host if they host their customers web sites and MS SQL databases on the same server. Hosts that usually do this tend to have poorer server performance than hosts that host their customer web sites on a server and their customers databases on a separate SQL server.

    Those are just some things to think about. Good luck on your search.

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    @Nono Martinez:

    I suppose that you are located in Spain. In that case check


    About "choosing a web-host"- process, please read this thread. It is very useful.
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