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    * Changing IPs within Stargate account

    Where are the IP numbers located now, after logging into
    Stargate's revised domain name maintenance system?

    Presently, a person is permitted to change only the Name of the
    nameservers there (ie., and

    The boxes which were originally next to the Nameserver names,
    for entry/modification of the corresponding IP address numbers,
    have been removed and no longer exist.

    Is there another site where only our IP numbers may be
    updated efficiently?

    Pls do not suggest contacting them directly.
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    I think tom from startgate frequents these boards. You may wish to PM him.
    Domain Maven

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    1) Login and search for the domain name (e.g. that controls the child nameservers (e.g.

    2) Select the domain name to manage

    3) Select Manage Child Name Server

    4) The child name servers and their IP addresses will be listed for modificattion.

    PM or send me an email ([email protected]) with any questions.

    Also, there is an extensive knowledge base under the control panel that can help answer your questions.


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