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    Is this a good hosting company? I have a few noobie questions

    I am brand new here, and I am shocked at the size of this site, it should really answer all of my questions.

    The website in question is...

    MHER . ORG

    I am amazed that it would not let me link to another site until I have atleast 5 posts, I've never seen that on a forum, or maybe I havn't tried. That is a great way to combat spammers, but wasn't too handy for me since I had to edit my thread before I could post.

    I had an idea for a website, and I am planning on registering the domain, and finding some hosting. Someone recommended that host to me today, and I decided that the starter hosting is just what I needed, and that price is just what my wallet needed.

    Looking over the site I found a few things that bothered me, maybe you guys can ease my mind. First off is that they spelled "domain", "domian" once, not a big problem, but it goes to show that they are not all too popular. Then during registration they ask me "checks payable", and then expect me give them an answer. Below they ask for my name and if I would like to use paypal to receive checks. I'm guessing that they are asking for my legal name, but I'm not sure why they don't just assume it is the one I am giving them lower on the registration page.

    I am assuming that when you purchase their service you are registered on their forum. If that is the case, they have 249 customers. That does not seem like very many, so how can they afford to have 24/7 phone support, and 99.9% guaranteed uptime?

    Can someone direct me to another site that is comparable to this one in price and options, but that has a good reputation?

    I am also wondering about domain registration. I am planning on purchasing my domain on GoDaddy, but I feel like I should be able to register it "myself" without going through a business. I know a thing or two about computers, all of this networking/webhosting is pretty new to me though, but I just don't see what a business is going to do that I can't do myself when it comes to a computer. They charge like $8 just to make your name not show up during a whois search, and that is what made me stop and think. I think I should atleast be able to do that on my own and save myself $8.

    Thank you in advance for helping me out, I'll definately check back here often, and I have set it to email me when someone replies or sends me a message.

    Thank you.

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    Hello Fox3a and welcome to WHT!

    You could find out more information about if you use the forums search field just type in their domain and hit enter located at

    There are a lot of good hosting companies within this forum. Thus, you should try Webhosting Shared Offers; located at

    Hope this may help you...

    Good Luck

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    Since you are new it is a good idea to read these.
    Yes the 5 post rule keeps spamming down plus we like to users join in and contribute little before posting URL's

    Can someone direct me to another site that is comparable to this one in price and options, but that has a good reputation?
    The problem is there are not too many web host that sell that cheap and have a good reputation. There is barley enough there to cover the merchant account fees much less pay support salaries and stay in business.

    What is wrong with the paying the $8.00 for hiding your name if that is important to you?
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    First, you can look around this forum and find a lot of great hosts. We can only recommend hosts we have personal experience. I can tell you personally that I have been very pleased with Site5 and Lunar Pages and have tried many others.

    Secondly, you have to register your domain name with an ICANN approved domain registrar or one of its resellers. Even if you became a domain reseller, you would still not be the registrar and do not have permission to sell domains yourself or submit domains for registration and inclusion in the Global DNS.
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    Thanks, you guys offer very professional replies to my noobie questions.

    It looks like I was wrong about being able to register my own domains, I'm glad I was set straight quickly. Now that I know that I can not register my own domains, it is not a problem to pay the additional $8 to hide my personal information.

    I did a search for that host, and I came up with some people referring people to the search also. lol. There were other posts too, and from what I gather it is generally good. It looks like there are just so many companies offering web hosting services that you can't really say there is one better than another for a person in my position. Because of the price, I think that I am going to go with MHER, you can't go wrong with $1/month.

    Thanks for the help, I'll be sure to come back here for all of my web hosting questions, and maybe I'll make a thread saying how it all went.

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    Originally posted by Fox3a
    Because of the price, I think that I am going to go with MHER, you can't go wrong with $1/month.
    Just my opinion, but for preventative mantenace reasons make sure you make daily backups if not weekly backups. Alot of people from my reading go with a cheaper host and find out later it was bad or something went wrong and loose there data. Not saying it only happens with cheaper hosts, but just make sure you backup. It might only be a dollar, but if you spend many of hours designing your site or put fourth alot of time into it how much is your time worth. Over all, just make sure you do your backups.


    Added: Also make sure you understand that for the starter package they make you pay for a year in advance.

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    If you're looking at a dollar a month hosts, I'd highly suggest you either make local backups of everything - after any modifications; and that you don't operate a business on this host.

    Good luck with MHER though, let us know in a month if they prove to be competent. =)

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