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    Game Servers At 1000 FPS

    How can I get my server to go to 1000 FPS. I have a booster + my ticrate is at 1000 and the MAX I get is like 515-525.. Is there ANY way to hit 1000 FPS?

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    kernel hz .....

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    Is this the famous Windows Media Player running in the background trick time :-/
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    This tic rate stuff is ridiculus. Now, if you don't have a 100 tic server, nobody will play agaisnt you in a scrim because they claim "lag".
    First off, ric rate has nothing to do with lag, and second of all, it can't be so bad because we all started out playing on 33 tic servers... this whole thing about boosting server performance is slightly ridiculus, boost your ingame performance yourself instead, and dont worry about the other people who join your server.

    /end rant.

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