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Thread: Rocket registry

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    Rocket registry

    I just decided to make use of my hosting providers free enom account offer.

    After spending hours scratching my head, and not able to make sense of much I decided to sign up for the rocket registry account. Seemed like the best idea for my needs. The large deposits required for API puts me off!!

    Now setting up rocket registry was a breeze of course. Then I got confused!! I started reading on the enom help pages that with a rocket registry I still need to deposit funds? If there are not sufficient funds, then when a client tries to purchase he`ll be given an error `not enough funds`.

    I thought rocket registry used the enom checkout, so why the need for funds to be placed in my account? The idea of me signing up for this was to avoid depositing funds.

    I guess I must have completely misunderstood what a rocket registry account is all about!!!

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    The registry rocket does require you to have enough funds in your reseller account to cover the clients purchase. The clients purchase won't be deducted from you account, you are just required to be able cover the cost of the purchase in case Enom gets hosed out of the money by the client.

    What would be the greatest one time purchase anyways. Would your clients register more than a year or two? Depending on your pricing, keep $20-$30 in there and more than likely, your clients won't ever get that error. The funds can always be used to renew or purchase your own domains.

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