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    Will design for reliable hosting...

    Hey. I'm currently looking for a host that will give my plenty of bandwith and storage space with MySQL, PHP, ect. I need the hosting for forums which serve as a fansite for a game. Preferably I want a Cpanel and FTP is a must. If anyone is interested please leave a message on here and I will link you to a few of my designs. I can do logos, splashes, and layouts. I do not do flash, I'm not a great coder either. Please leave a message if interested I need to make a hosting deal ASAP. Bellow is my contact information.

    Email: [email protected], [email protected]
    MSN: XX_Tyler_XX
    AOL: Pimpin Tyler 09


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    Do you have a portfolio?

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    No I currently do not, but if you want I can post links to my layouts or send via email.

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    It would be nice if you can post here some links

    Thank you.
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    Very nice designs, i think you will have luck with some host soon.

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    Thanks. I've had plenty of luck but I'm still looking for more hosting this time for a portfolio site.

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