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    DO NOT accept orders from this IP Address

    My guess is that they were trying to get an autocreated account. I have been having problems with Arabic signups. They sign up and then say they cant pay through PayPal, or they sign up with fake info and expect me to create their account.

    Dear Support Member,

    This email confirms that there has been a new signup via the ClientExec signup script.

    View the details of this signup online at (My CE URL)

    Customer Details:
    Domain Name:
    Organization: df
    First Name: fghfgh
    Last Name: fghfghfg
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 65465466
    Address: fgh dfgh fgh fghfgh
    City: fghfghgd
    State: gfhh
    Zipcode: 56565
    Country: SA
    Referred by: dfghgfhgfh
    Language: English
    Registrar Service Requested: Customer will transfer their own domain
    Package Type: 2 - Reseller Web Hosting ( RESELLER )
    Domain Package: Resellion
    Requested Password: 0000000
    Payment Type: paypal - Subscriptions enabled

    Package Variables

    Signup Environment
    USER AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)

    Thank you for using ClientExec!
    The ClientExec Team
    Jason Cousineau

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    That IP is from Saudi Arabia.

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    I know. Visit
    Jason Cousineau

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    I've had a DENY in my .HTACCESS with 212. for several years.

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    Just one more reason not to have automatic signups. Thanks for the info.
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    We disabled automatic sign ups about 8 months back - and have since not had a single chargeback, as each order is reviewed.
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    I never use automated sign ups for exactly that reason

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    I never use auto sign ups either, thanks for the heads up

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    yes, we still had to use manual cross-check for validation..
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    We simply cross check their IP with the location they provided. If within the USA, we also check their areacode with their city/area.

    - Tomer
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    I believe we also had this IP address sign up with us a couple weeks ago. We don't use auto signup, but I do remember one of my staff telling me that someone with the same ip was signing up and over and over again, using fake info.
    - 7de5igns

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    Originally posted by Tomer
    We simply cross check their IP with the location they provided. If within the USA, we also check their areacode with their city/area.

    - Tomer
    With VoIP and cell phones, nowadays that isn't such a great check.

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    Are there certain IPs that only Americans use? If there are, I would block all else....if I were targeting only American clients that is.

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    OMG This turd is really getting on my nerves. They have tried to sign up three times today. When will this idiot realize that he is not going to get an account? I keep adding his ip range to IP Deny but he uses a different IP every time.
    Jason Cousineau

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    I remember a webhost on here once, saying that a terrorist group made a secrete site under his service. Is that what's going on here?

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    Folks, read the 3rd reply (mine). While arguably heavy handed, it certainly solves this particular problem (and others). While they could proxy it, you gotta start somewhere.

    Today's day & age I could care less about being "P.C"

    Add this to your .HTACCESS
    order allow,deny
    deny from 212.
    allow from all

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    He tried to sign up 3 times today lets just say he never did complete the order
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