I have one dedicated server up for sale to either rent or rent-to-own. The server is located at Telehouse, NY and connected to interNAP.

Server Specs:
1U Case with advanced thermal cooling system
Tyan Thunder K7X Motherboard
Dual Athlon MP 2400+ Processors
2GB DDR Memory
18.5GB 15K SCSI Disk
Windows 2000 (with remote desktop)
Ordered from http://dualathlonservers.com/

It runs all games smoothly and can handle running lots of servers or other applications at the same time.

Location & Bandwidth
The server is located at Telehouse, 25 Broadway, NYC. Here is a link with information about the facility:


It is connected to Thorn Communication's interNAP bandwidth. Thorn offers internap transit with added peering connections for better stability and latency. You can see the low latency that interNAP bandwidth offers by pinging this machine. The IP of this machine is:

We can be very flexible on the bandwidth amount; see below for pricing.

Pricing & Options
The following are the prices and options for the server:

$139/mo. - Base fee (Rackspace, Hardware, etc.)
add $49/mo. - 8 Month Rent to Own
add $89/mo. - Per mbps of bandwidth (95th%)

EX: The server with 1 mbps of interNAP Bandwidth would be $228 per month.

or you can add $49 per month and own the server in 8 months. You can have the server mailed to you, or keep it with us.

Bandwidth can be purcashed in units of 256kbps.

Please contact me if you are interested. Payment is done through a paypal subscription or monthly manual paypal payments. If you have any questions please reply to this thread, PM me, or e-mail me.

This is an unmanaged server, however there are hands on site at telehouse to help out if you need. Also we may be able to provide some help getting your server setup.

Peter Shaw