Hi all,

I have built a forwarding email service, if you register you will get 3 free credits, which you can instantly setup, and change to your heart is content. You can keep your credits free of charge for life.

The domains you can use as of today are [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected] forward them anywhere e.g. [email protected] [email protected] etc.

This is new code. I have thoroughly tested it, but users are the next and final test.

I know my web page isn't the hottest graphic design and my nav menu is a bit lame so the steps to test my new system are.

almost complete preview of what it looks like here preview

visit and register here register

login here login

Once logged in a new group called members appears in the tree menu as if by magic :-).

Select freeforwardingemail.html its the only selection under the members group.

Setup your forwarding credits and you are away.

If you get this far and have credits, the simplest test is to login to your mail account eg. [email protected]. Send a quick message to one of your forwarding names that is set to your real account and it should bounce straight back.