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    301 Permanent Re-direct code

    Hey there,

    I have used the 301 permanent re-direct code to re-direct my old domain to my new domain but I am kind of worried because the search engine spots for my old domain have began disappearing and the search engine spots for my new domain are not appearing at all for my search terms. It's been maybe 6 days since I've began using the code and I noticed around the 4th day that my old domain was becoming to drop and eventually fall off search result pages.

    If anyone knows how long things will take to pick up for my new domain on search engines or anything else, I'd appreciate it.

    BTW, the reason I had to close my old domain was because of legal issues.

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    Deven -

    Sadly, the SEs really take their time on this stuff. I'd look for rankings to return in 1-3 months, actually. Consider yourself lucky if you can rank prior to this. One thing I might urge if it's business critical is to get some new links pointing to the new site, ASAP. I might even go with a text link broker to get some really high quality stuff from newspapers, educational institutions, etc. depending on the quality of your site and it's topic.

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks randfish, it's not a business site at all, rather just a gaming website, but with the sequel of the game coming out soon, I was really hoping for the search engine hits but 1-3 months, eh, it's better than never coming back!

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