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    Dislike is they have no customer support.
    I liked the demo as well so I paid for service annual.
    Never has worked > service ticket for over a month.
    Advice is to watch message boards for software to
    see if responses are quick.
    SOmething serious wrong with Lpanel I agree looks good but
    I wouldn't bank my business on it.

    Disatified Lpanel customer. 08-07-05

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    There's a search feature, and I could have sworn I've seen a dozen or so threads on this topic.

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    I saw a few negative reviews on them complaining about their slow technical support.

    Try searching the forums, you will find plenty of reviews

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    i have yet to get my free trial working, and have been waiting on there support for 3 weeks, trial expires 28th

    ill let you no if they ever sort it

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    Lpanel looks very good, very easy for both owner and clients as well.

    The drawbacks are, it takes too much load sometimes and as mentioned above, dead support.
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    I think Lpanel is great! I have been with them for a year and they have so many features that the other guys don't have. As far as the support goes they have improved dramatically.

    My opinion is to try it for yourself, since everyones experience is different.

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    i think someone over at lpanel has seen this thread as there support has just kicked up and ive finally got my problems solved

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    Posted Today from Lpanel:

    In our efforts to improve Lpanel Technical Support, I would like to offer some suggestions and guidelines to clients who need assistance.

    We are working to make Live Chat available for at least several hours each day. When a representative is available for chat, you will see a chat button on the Lpanel.NET homepage and in the upper right corner of the member's area. At this time we cannot open this chat for support requests. Please limit your questions to licensing and presales subject matter.

    HOPE THIS SUPPORT DOES GET BETTER because the interface is the best I've checked out.


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    We moved away from phpCoin when we needed multiple server support. LPanel, by far, gave us the most features for our money. We looked in WHMAutopilot - it is good, but LPanel STILL is easier to integrate into your site design.

    I have to agree about support being slow - but after submitting a few Support Tickets complaining about this, I seem to be getting responses!

    Really easy to set up, (their site has an Auto-Install feature that will put it right on your server). The scripts to import your WHM accounts and packages work fast and correctly.

    Be sure to have PHP suexec enabled on your server in order for LPanel to run correctly though.

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