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    Really bad server errors? Need help.

    Hello all,

    I have a server at InterServer, and it appears be acting up.. really badly.

    Just 10 minutes ago, it was working fine, like usual - I left my office and got back - to see that mySQL spewed out errors that shouldn't even be bugs in the first place on my front page. I continued to check myphpadmin for any database problems. - It told me my password was wrong. Okay; So I move into WHM and access the root myphpadmin.

    It appeared to be working, but didn't load the "browse" tabs on any of the tables. Okay; Something is definately wrong here.

    I open up putty and try my luck with root SSH. After typing the password, it gives me an "Connection Unexpectedly Terminated from Server" or something among those lines. Opening WHM again - (it still works for some reason) - I tried to check CPU/memory usage - the list was empty for some reason? I tried to check Service Status - most of the icons were "missing" (httpd down?)

    At the moment - I can't think of anything else I can do but ask for help here and open a support ticket with InterServer.

    By the way, my Server is running CentOS, cPanel/WHM, Apache, and has the following mods I installed awhile back: DOSevasive, and mod_ipconn

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. =)
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    Well, a short update: InterServer got it back online within minutes after making a support ticket.

    I'm really amazed at their service! Kudos to John @ IS. =)

    Though I still want to know how this happened and how I can prevent it?
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    Offtopic :

    Your site looks really nice, but navigation is a mess, everything is hard to find.
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    Thank you for your comments. =)

    Of course I'd like to make improvements all the time, so what exactly is bothering you about navigation? It's sorted into main categories at the top right, and then subcategories on the bottom right. Shouldn't be too hard to navigate I suppose?
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    Glad you got your problems sorted out, but don't use this forum for site reviews. We have a forum especially for that
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