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    Need simple help REQUEST- Link Me- Simple Free Hosting Script

    Ok what i want is i have a fairly large community of members that have to do with videos, etc., and i was really hoping theres a script like this:

    Ok a script where they register, and it creates a simple page with a black background, or w/e color background, and theres in the middle a movie html script / liek embed movies into your page script.

    and what they do , the register form is like this:



    Video URL:


    and it takes there video url ( using php ) and inserts it into that movie embed script, so it shows there video on there own page.

    its really simple actually, just an automatic/automated script that creates a page for the user for free, and embeds there video URl script on the script on there page.

    So if anyone knows a script that can do this, i would REALLY appreciate it SO much, and since we have a fairly large community, and growing ALOT, if you make it i can link you on the HOME PAGE of our website!

    Thanks so much!

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    up, please help!

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