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Thread: P3 800 Slot 1?

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    P3 800 Slot 1?


    If I am correct, P3 Slot1 upto 600, core Coppermine's speed is up to 1G. Tualatin is for higher.

    But the server I am able to receive is 800hz VA Linux 1000. An employee from VA linux said they use slot 1 P3, so it can not be more than 600mh. So does the seller overclocked it or there are special CPU for those 1U machinese?

    There is another machine with slot1 at 750. Are they lying?

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    You can get 1GHz P3 (max speed they can do) in slot form but it depends on the mobo. My Tyan Thunderbird mobo will only allow p3s up to 650mhz if i remember correctly.
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    Slot 1 is up to 1000 MHz that I have seen. PGA chips (look like modern day sockets) go up to 1400 MHz, but as the previous poster says, require mobo's that handle the "server" PIII chips.

    For your research a Dell PowerEdge 2450 is Slot1, and a Dell PowerEdge 2550 is PGA, if that helps you figure things out.
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    FYI, we have PE2450 with Dual PIII-S 1.4 running and Raid-5 SCSI much better than many P4 IDE based.
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