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    Thumbs up anyone here knows hwo to fix my problem?

    "My site" i was working on it and i uploaded an html file then deleted it and it ended up taking me to index every single time. i cant fix it if any one can fix it plz im me sn=platnumgangstarr

    thanx to helpers!!!

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    If you provided more information it'd be a big help. I think you may have an error in the /html tags, or maybe you deleted the file that was serving as you're index? Provide more information and I'll be able to hlep.

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    well here i dont really know what the problem is but here's my site url

    thats the only thing that is stopping me from goin on, wit my site.

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    Make a new index.html file. That should fix it up, try that and get back to me BTW I'm the same person as tylerneal2009.

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    open your .htaccess file. In it, put in the last line:

    DirectoryIndex OrBic.html

    See if that helps you.

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