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    Looking for Information on a few things

    I currently upgraded and got a much better server :

    Dual Opteron 244
    2GB RAM
    2x80GB HD's

    Anyway the company installed CentOS 3.5 x86_64 on it.

    Some of the games I had running on my older box (quake2, cs, quake3, etc...) now dont seem to install because the lib/ dir is empty but the there is a lib64/ dir

    Anyone have any input or info for me it would be greatly appreciated.
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    To start you should have requested x32 as that would help you avoid issues like this, as great as x64 is there are still a number of issues that confuse most users.

    You may be able to get away with symlinking lib to lib64.

    Also you should ask for centos 4.x as the 3.x series is based on the 2.4 kernel which has some serious iowait issues and can possibly cause issues on busy game servers

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