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    Tweaking mod_security

    I do NOT like this module as I have had nothing but problems with it crippling the server(s). Well, I have it now, and it is throwing 500, 503 and 404 errors all over the place.

    Does anyone have a resource I can reference that will assist me with the rules I need to add/remove on this beast so that it quits killing my sites?

    I am not a reseller, this is a private box and I am the only one with shell.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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    why you just not remove it from you httpd.conf?
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    Already did.

    I didn't want this installed, but since it was, I was hoping that there were some rules that would allow me to use it.

    Unfortunately, I am only finding things specific to phpBB and Nuke though, neither of which apply.
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    tweak mod_security

    Hello ,

    It is not at all a good idea to remove the module if you don't know how to twek it of tune it to your needs. Actually is a very good module which can secure your server to some extend. The thing is that it is a MUST module for a secure server.


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    Read this thread HERE specifically the last two posts by rfxn.

    Those rules are working great for me. They are for apache 2, and there is a modified version for apache 1 later on in the thread.

    If you are having trouble with it, read the audit_log to see what is tripping the block rule and modify it accordingly.
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    Thank you netscan. This is just what I was looking for.

    I wonder why a search on mod_security didn't bring up that huge thread?
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    No problem, sometimes it's like searching for a needle in a hay stack

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