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    Looking for a professional designer


    I am currently designing a website for my high school. The website needs to be launched this month, and I am not quite finished yet. I myself am skilled with graphic and web-design and I created a basic design for the site. However, I have finished the main page (I put a lot of work) and I am now stuck. It looks really nice but there it still needs a lot of work and redesigned in some parts and edited. I am looking for a professional designer only who wants to take my design and maybe take it to the next level and fix some things and make it look like a school site and clean some things up. (Maybe even add some flash, or things to it.) And maybe even slice it with CSS or coding or something...

    Please PM me your AOL screen name, email address, and previous work.

    Please do not contact me if you are a begginer designer or just looking for a job! I actually want somebody with skills and preferably with a portofollio. I will post in this thread once I hire someone so you wouldn't PM me anymore.



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    You should post a link of what you have so far. That way we can tell what we're working with.

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    Yeah, that'd be good. I'll PM you with some details anyway.

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