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    SEO Needed

    Well I'm thinking of starting up a new site.....I have an idea of how to get the main content but I will be needing help with SEO....and traffic....If somoene is interested please send me a PM as we can talk about a Pay...maybe a % of profits for the work the person does....Thanks for your interest

    That line might sound weird, but what I mean is as the person helps with traffic and does ongoing SEO we can arrage that a certain % of profits would go to them monthly.
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    What kind of website is this?
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    It is going to be a directory.

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    As I spoke with one person I will also be needing SEP

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    You need to get 5 posts before you can PM...if you can IM me on AIM .... oERICGo

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    Dervish feel free to send me an IM on AIM [removed by request] or email me at [removed by request]
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