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    Angry Finally caught.....

    This has been big news for the past year in the Pacific Northwest. For awhile it was all that was in the news.

    It looks like they caugh the s.o.b. that kidnapped, raped and murdered a college student who was visiting her sister. What gets me is that little smirk on his mug shot. Some people just have no sense of remorse, etc. I hope they throw the book at him.

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    Such a jerk. He committed the most serious crimes, rape and murder. Hopefully he gets life or death.

    Personally, and I know some will disagree with this, but if someone is proven without a doubt to have committed a serious crime like rape and murder, then they should just be put to death. Why keep them around? Why spend our money feeding them in prison?

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    The guy l00ks like an idiot!!!!!!

    Looks like he has NO REMORSE,ETC........

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    I have the same opinion.
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    Poor family

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    Somehow that guy reminds me of the yellow ' monster' in Sin City who tried to rape Nancy...
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