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    Webhosts that allow multiple domains

    I've been doing some research and noticed that most webhosts that allow multiple domains do so in a "virtual" manner. That is, through the exisiting control panel of one account and pointing extra domains to a subdirectory of the primary domain. Are there any webhosts that allow multiple domains in a different manner? Specifically, I would like to host 4 or 5 personal domains with one webhost but under separate control panels. Is this offered anywhere?

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    Just to follow up, my needs as far as space and bandwidth are very minimal as all of my sites are personal. I'm really just interested to see if this is even available as an option from any hosts.

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    As you are looking for different control panel accounts, your best option is to find a reseller account.

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    get a reseller account. very flexible. there are plenty to choose from in the offers section.
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    I use Dotable... about 4 personal sites, all with separate control panels.

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    Many hosting companies allow multiple domain hosting, try searching in the shared offers section.

    Best of luck with your search

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I had no clue about reseller accounts until now. I went ahead and browsed the reseller section and I now understand what the difference is. Even though I do not plan to resell, it does look like a reseller plan may be exactly what I am looking for.

    I'm going to look around and report back here when I've made a decision to help some of the other newbies.

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    Hello, good question.

    For multiple domain hosting look for hosts that offer either "Reseller accounts" or "multiple domain hosting". For seperate control panels you can look for a host that offers multiple control panels or multiple OS's (for example Direct Admin and CPanel - Linux and Windows)

    Another thing to consider is how many IP addresses your host offers. Some hosts offer 1, 2, 3 and 4 (sometimes more) IPs and depending upon how many you get you can do different things.

    If you only get 1 IP you use the same IP for your primary site, and your subordinate sites. If you have 2 IPs you use one for your primary site, and put your subordinate sites all on the second.

    If you get 4 IPs you use 1 for your primary site, 1 for your subordinate sites and 1 for each of your domain servers. The benefit of having independant IPs for your name servers is that your sites appear to be independant of your host.

    Best of luck in your efforts to find a host.

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    If you only need a few domains as specified, Site5's shared hosting plans might work. I have a reseller hosting plan for the same reason except that I have many domains and have been happy with them.

    It may only be one log in for the control panel but I have used a shared account in the past that had multiple domains. I could add/delete ftp and pop accounts (among other functions) for each domain but I had one logon.
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    Reseller or addon domains you will need.

    To give each site a control panel then deffinately go with the reseller.

    Sorry didnt have time to read all the thread, work time . Please correct me if i read wrong.

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    i had a cpanel account one time as you described it where i added a domain name and it went into a sub directory, in plesk its only subdomains that do that for us anyways cause theres a client and domain name level which clients are bound to there domains
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    Originally posted by intek
    . . . To give each site a control panel then deffinately go with the reseller.
    Reseller accounts are very flexible. They can be used for the sole purspose of reselling, but most (IMO) would be used by folks who want to host their own sites, and maybe some sites for their friends and maybe some business sites etc. They're very much a multi-purpose product, that each user bends to fit their specific needs. They're very popular with web developers, who host their design clients.

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    Hostgator? Or get a low end vps from burst net.

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