Having used many of the larger hosting companies,
I've noticed that they offer their clients marketing
articles in their control panel.

Usually the information is very general and not very
useful at all.

So today I am making available to you a series of articles
that are "cutting edge marketing tactics and resources".

These are real strategies that are being used on a daily
basis to generate targeted traffic and which are being
sold individually for up to $49 per tactic.

Your clients will love you.

The articles are in HTML and PDF format.

You can offer this information in your control panel or you
could offer, for instance, the domain name PDF as incentive
to a prospective client to opt-in so that you could gradually
build a profitable relationship.

The domain name article offers great information on
selecting a name and how to register it for $5.19 for
one year, or $10.38 for two years.

I am the sole originator of these articles.

Each article is written with my own words based on the
most effective marketing strategies that I have deemed
"integrity based" marketing information.

They range from selecting the right domain name
to setting up your own affiliate program and more.

You also benefit from this information by putting it
to immediate use and boosting your own traffic and sales.

One of these tactics shows you how to get indexed by
Google within 3 days, if not 24 hours.

I have the right as the originator to offer this package
to as many hosting companies as I choose to.

I will brand the HTML and PDF files with your hosting
company name. Although my copyright remains at the bottom
of the pages, which is not a link.

- This does not come with resell rights.
- You can give them away as incentive to opt-in.
- You can make them availabe to your clients in their control panel.

Here is a list of the articles:

1. An Overture Formula For Success
2. Keyword Selection Resources
3. Before You Select Your Domain Name
4. Website Design Essentials
5. Adding Interactivity to Your Website
6. Monitoring Your Website's Progress
7. Starting Your Own Ezine
8. Get The Press On Your Side
9. Utilizing The Power of Article Writing
10.Submitting to DMOZ & Yahoo!
11. A Backdoor Into MSN & Yahoo!
12. A Backdoor Into Google
13. Tap Into Ebay's Traffic
14. Tap Into Amazon.com's Traffic
15. Your Own Affiliate Program

I've almost completed the following articles,
which will be included as well:

16. The Power of Joint Ventures
17. 11 Ways to Promote Your Blog
18. Link Building
19. Forums/Message Boards & Newsgroups
20. Google Adwords & Pay Per Click Search Engines

You can view a sample article in PDF format here:

I am selling this package for $49.97

Anyone who purchases this package will receive free
upgrades for life.

If you are interested, you can contact me at:
[email protected]

Thanks for your interest.