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    New to mysql, am I being too ambitious?!


    I've just started learning MySql. It's great, but I'm finding some bits a little tricky!

    Could someone please tell me how to do the following? I've come across it in quite a few scripts I've (attempted!) to make, but I always end up trying to create a lengthy work-around.

    As an example, I've got a table with 3 columns and 5 records:

    EDIT: I can't work out how to add lots of spaces in the 'table' below, I hope you understand what I'm getting at!

    column 1 column 2 column 3
    1 4 3
    2 4 3
    1 5 2
    5 4 3
    1 2 5

    All I'd like to do is add up every record present in column 1.
    (1 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 1)

    Is it as hard as I'm making out? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

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    select sum(<column 1>) as totals from <table>

    Just adjust to that the column name and table name and you're set.

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    As unlucky said, sum() is the one you want, but you should check out some of the other 'grouping functions' for other useful tools.
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    Thank you both for your replies.

    I had no idea it was so easy, it's certainly a more effective way than the loops I'd been using.

    I've been looking at the grouping functions as you suggested hiryuu. I've already found a few replacements so thanks a lot for that.

    Thank you both again.

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