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    [For sale] Business template - tableless, standards compliant

    Hi. I`m posting this the 3rd time now, price dropped too, maybe I`ll get some luck :-s

    I`m offering a high-quality hosting/business template. You can view a screenshot of the coded template at

    The template is unique&original, designed&coded by myself from scratch.It is a hand coded tableless template. Well actually it only uses 1 table for the navigation. The rest is pure CSS-driven. It validates as XHTML1.0 Transitional and CSS, according to the W3C standards.

    The logo is just a placeholder, of course.

    The final package includes :
    - A unique&original template, with a professional feeling
    - Standards compliant tableless coding
    - 3 subpages, which I will create according to the customer`s demand, upon the pruchase of the template. Any other subpages will be charged for.
    - All the files related to the template : PSD`s(sliced and neatly layered),HTML files,CSS files, gif files, fonts - everything.
    - Friendly one-on-one support.
    - Minor customisation for free.

    Pricing : 190USD BIN price, accepting all DECENT offers.

    Contact information : please feel free to post here, PM me or email to harfaspaul[at] .

    Constructive criticism is welcome.
    Thank you for your time.
    Paul Harfas.

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    If you feel the price is too high, please feel free to make an offer. All decent offers will be taken into consideration.

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    I think the price is very reasonable, it's a great design! Good luck

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    Yeah, I think the price is reasonable too, this is no 50 bucks job... Thanks for the kind words.

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    Very professional looking , and templates coded by the standards are hard to find. Good luck!

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