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    Do forum posts have a copyright?

    Can a forum use a member's post for an ad or anything like that?

    Can I copy a part of a post and put it on my website (with a link to original post)? Like google does with news?

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    i think it is a changing issue acording to board rules
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    Yes, you'll need to read the rules for each forum. I suggest taking a look at iNet's, it covers the bases well. You'll notice that in agreeing to the terms when signing up, you have agreed to waive certain aspects of your rights under copyright law, so that the moderators have authority to edit your posts, for example.
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    Some forums have, others - don't.
    You must read the forum rules i guess...

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    For almost all Internet forums, you own the content you create on the forum, which precludes liability for the forum owners/operators. However, as BigBison points out, you agree to abide by the forums content rules, which means editors can change or delete your content for any reason.

    It's actually a remarkably well put together system to keep things orderly and clean. One could only imagine the mess if things weren't so easy...
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    Precisly, every forum has its own rules, just read them and make sure your ok.

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