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    RedNerve Solutions

    At last, after many hard work, all-nighters and cups of coffee, I have nearly completed the site my design firm, RedNerve Solutions.

    It is finished apart from the Client Login section and Site Validation (which I will do once I have completed it fully).

    I welcome all comments on the site and any bugs / problems you find.

    One more thing, I have not spell checked the site either yet (I'm in the process of doing it right now).

    Well, that's it! Now for the URL:

    I look forward to your comments!

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    make this image:

    actually clickable on the site

    I like this design. It's simple but colourful - in it's own right! I actually don't have any complaints...maybe make the code w3c - but I can't moan about that unless I'm being a hypocrite
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    Somone else on another board has just pointed out the image thing to me, a silly mistake, changed now.

    And as I said, it doesn't validate yet, as I know, but it will do once it's fully finished

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