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    * Feedback on IPLANETHOSTING.COM

    I have finished this hosting site ( just a week ago based on a template.

    I have the feeling it loads a little bit slow especially the flash header apart from other problems showing the site on firefox (maybe you see some strange behaviour as the site loads twice )

    I still have to integrate the helpdesk and modernbill pages with the template but i have already been able to integrate the order form with a more static layout (non-flash). You can see it here

    Any comment is appreciated

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    It looks like a quickly edited template. Add some CSS link code to splash up those links, give them their own colours & font faces.

    Sounds & flash...mainly sounds on websites annoy me! I know for a fact people will not buy hosting from a company because of sounds on their sites -- just think, remove the sound and you may get more business & save bandwidth/data transfer!

    oh & maybe make the flash only load once, and after the first time there really is no need for that intro!
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    Thanks for the tips. I have already removed the sounds.

    You say "make the flash only load once" but....... how can i make flash load only once?? You mean that the flash only shows on the main page and to get a static header for the rest of the pages or to use some code to make it load only once?


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    I'd recomend making the header static across all pages even the main one possibly, but all the sub pages forsure. The faster everythings loads the better. Also maybe add some css for the links as hovering over them is the same as not hovering over them. Something to show that I'm on a link would be good.

    Other then that it looks pretty good, but a lot like all the other hosting sites these days and they are getting a little boring.

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    Fix the menu, is the first thing which really push me away off that site, mingle with colors (shades of existing ones).

    Apart from that looks good, if "templateish" look is ok with you.

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