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    Need reliable email

    I currently am using totalchoice hosting (TCH) to host a small webstie. I have been generally pleased with the service. The price is cheap and tech support is fairly quick to respond to issues.

    However, on three occasions (that i know of), we have lost emails or email have bounced back to the sender. I do realize that 100% reliability is not going to happen, but 3 times in a couple of months? There were always excuses which individually seemed acceptable such as spam guard deleting emails. On one occasion a server disk being replaced was blamed, but there was not record of this on their server monitoring pages. On another occasion, I posted a question on a forum regarding the email being down. My question was removed, I assume to keep up the appearance all is well.

    So any ways, I can no longer trust TCH hosting for email and need to switch hosting. I've searched these forums and have found little about email reliability. Could someone make some recomendations or point me towards some appropriate reviews. We need hosting w/ php capability.


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    What was the bounce error message?
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    I don't remember what it was. Something like, server not found or address not found. It doesn't really matter what the message was. It is the repetition that is the issue. It doesn't look good to clients etc. if emails bounce back or even worse go unanswered because they disappear.

    Any suggestions on a host or a site with honest reviews?

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    I've used both HostingZoom and Site5 in the past, and found them to be really reliable in terms of server and support.

    I don't remember having any forms of problems with emails while with them.

    I'd recommend both of them to you. =)

    Take a look at some reviews of these hosts in the forums.

    Best of luck in your search!

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  6. #6 - VERY spendy at $20 per each five email addresses. With 100 employees, that would be close to $400 per month. Even with prepayment discounts, etc., one could get a pretty nice managed server for that price!

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